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Bachelors of Education

Course Overview

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B.Ed. is a one year full time course, approved by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), Jaipur and affiliated to M.J.P Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.

During the B.Ed. course, the emphasis will be given on the practical training and hands-on experiences, relating to modern information and communication Technology (ICT), so that pupil teachers are able to pursue a bright future in the field of teaching.


Code No Course No Name of Course Maximum Marks Duration of Exams
E-313   Teaching of Hindi 100 3 Hrs
E-314   Teaching of English 100 3 Hrs
E-315   Teaching of Sanskrit 100 3 Hrs
E-316 i Teaching of Social Studies 100 3 Hrs
E-316 ii Teaching of Economics 100 3 Hrs
E-316 iii Teaching of Civics 100 3 Hrs
E-316 iv Teaching of History 100 3 Hrs
E-316 v Teaching of Geography 100 3 Hrs

Note: One Teaching Methods shall be opted out of the total five Teaching Methods mentioned in E-316 (i) to E-316 (v).

E-317 Teaching of Commerce 100 3 Hrs
E-318 Teaching of Computer Science 100 3 Hrs
E-319 Teaching of Mathematics 100 3 Hrs
E-320 Teaching of Home Science 100 3 Hrs
E-321 Teaching of Physical Science 100 3 Hrs
E-322 Teaching of Biology Science 100 3 Hrs

E-701 vii Practical: Sessional Work (Take any five of the following)

A Administration, Scoring and Interpretation of Psychological Test 10
B Operation of Audio-Visual Equipments 10
C Construction of Test items and Examination Question Papers 10
D Case Study/Action Research 10
E Scouting & Guiding & Civil defense 10
F Work with Community 10
G Participation in  Cultural Activities 10
H Physical Exercises, Games and Sports 10
    5x 10=50 marks

E-702 IX Teaching Skills/Practice 50 Marks Teaching for each examiner

Viva-Voice Examination based on Sessional Work and Skills of Teaching will be conducted by the Board of Practical Examiners 50
Internal Assessment by Two Subject Supervisors 25+25=50
Total 300

The structure of the courses keeps changing; therefore the students should refer to MTU / GBTU website ( for latest updates.