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Master in Pharmacy

  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutics is concerned with the strategies by which biologically active compounds are presented to the body so as to elicit an optimal response. Included are the design, preparation and testing of drug-delivery systems. There are two major areas of emphasis found in the current research in the Department of Pharmaceutics at Rakshpal Bahadur College of Pharmacy - Biopharmaceutics (drug formulation & physical/industrial pharmacy) and Pharmacokinetics.

The programme trains the students in pharmaceutical technology. Pharmaceutical dosage forms, and advances in Drug delivery system.

Qualified, dedicated faculty members of this department are always keen to show their talents by way of technical lectures, innovations in teaching and tutorials for making skilled, better and effective practical knowledgeable Pharmaceutical Technologists in order to build up good citizens in future.

The department of pharmaceutics is expertise in research areas such as novel drug delivery systems, targeted drug delivery system and use of natural polymers as pharmaceutical excipients. The department has made of significant contribution to the research field in terms of research publication and collaborative project works.

The Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the six academic units in the College of Pharmacy.Its teaching missions include instruction in Pharmaceutical Chemistry to the students. The Department’s research enterprise is diverse, with both basic science and clinical interests in medicinal chemistry, natural products, drug discovery, analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, spectral analysis.

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