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Diploma in Pharmacy

RBCP has well-equipped and modernized laboratories to cater practical training requirements of pharmacy courses. These include -

Rakshpal Bahadur College of Pharmacy

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Pharmaceutics Lab

There are two Pharmaceutical Labs. The labs are well- equipped with basic, equipment such as, water bath, hot plate, magnetic stirrer, oven, electronic balance and vortex.

More sophisticated equipment (optical microscope, sieve shaker, planetary mixer, homogenizer, tablet press, polishing pan, hardness tester to measures the thickness and diameter of the tablet, friabilator, Dissolution apparatus, disintegration apparatus are also available.

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab is well equipped with instruments like, Double beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Karl Fisher, Flame photometer, Kjeldahl apparatus, Potentiometer and Conductivity meter.

The lab also consist of various instruments like refractometer, viscometer, polarimter and hot air oven.

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Pharmacognosy Lab

There is a Botanical garden with various medicinal plants of greater therapeutic value. The lab also consist of modern microscope and various latest instruments like microtone, Soxhlet apparatus and clavenger apparatus.

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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab

A microbiology lab is well equipped with modern instruments such as BOD, Incubator and laminar air flow bench with separate aseptic room.

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Pharmacology Lab

The pharmacology lab is well equipped with all the modern and latest equipment. A separate Anatomy and physiology lab is there with modern microscope and all testing equipment like stethoscope, Digital glucometer, and B.P measuring instrument. There is a separate animal house.

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Hospital Pharmacy Lab

The Hospital Lab is well organised and well equipped to carry out sterilization procedures.

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