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Bachelors in Pharmacy

The institute hosts various departments to provide complete exposure about pharmacy to the students. Enlisted are the Pharmacy departments:

Rakshpal Bahadur College of Pharmacy

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Pharmaceutics is concerned with the strategies by which biologically active compounds are presented to the body so as to elicit an optimal response. Included are the design, preparation and testing of drug-delivery systems. There are two major areas of emphasis found in the current research in the Department of Pharmaceutics at Rakshpal Bahadur College of Pharmacy - Biopharmaceutics (drug formulation & physical/industrial pharmacy) and Pharmacokinetics.

The programme trains the students in pharmaceutical technology. Pharmaceutical dosage forms, and advances in Drug delivery system.

Qualified, dedicated faculty members of this department are always keen to show their talents by way of technical lectures, innovations in teaching and tutorials for making skilled, better and effective practical knowledgeable Pharmaceutical Technologists in order to build up good citizens in future.

The department of pharmaceutics is expertise in research areas such as novel drug delivery systems, targeted drug delivery system and use of natural polymers as pharmaceutical excipients. The department has made of significant contribution to the research field in terms of research publication and collaborative project works.

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the six academic units in the College of Pharmacy.Its teaching missions include instruction in Pharmaceutical Chemistry to the students. The Department’s research enterprise is diverse, with both basic science and clinical interests in medicinal chemistry, natural products, drug discovery, analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, spectral analysis.

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Pharmacognosy is a specific discipline taught only at pharmaceutical faculties deals with the versatile studies of drugs and auxiliary substances of biological origin (plant, microorganism and animal products) used in human and veterinary medicine. This subject provides information about the procedures and apparatuses used in the manufacturing of materials of natural origin.

Attention is paid to the material preservation, mechanical adjustments, to the storage, extraction, isolation, and purification of medicinal substances, and to the control of material and final product quality. Attention is paid also to pharmacopoeial regulations, rules and principles of good manufacturing practice.

The department of Pharmacognosy at Rakshpal Bahadur College of Pharmacy is one of the most important centres for phytoc

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Medicinal Plant Garden

The garden and greenhouse were established in 2002 and dedicated to traditional medical practitioners of Rohilkhand Region. The Garden functions as an educational display of medicinal plants herbs and spices and also as a conservatory source of standard specimens.

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The fields of pharmacology and toxicology are by nature interdisciplinary biomedical sciences, drawing upon the foundations and approaches of cell biology, systems physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics and neuroscience.

A primary objective of pharmacology is to investigate fundamental aspects of cellular and molecular bio-regulatory mechanisms for the purpose of understanding how drugs act and in order to develop new drugs for treatment of disease.

Toxicology examines how chemical agents produce adverse effects on the organism, and studies mechanisms by which these materials contribute to cancer, respiratory illnesses, neurological diseases, and many other disorders.

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Pharmaceutical Analysis

The Department was created to provide a focus for pharmaceutical analysis. Although it has its own laboratory space, it is an integral part of all the departments. The principal remit of the department is the discovery, development and application of analytical methods and techniques relevant to pharmaceutical and toxicological sciences.

The Centre specializes in training pharmacists and chemists in developing their knowledge and problem solving skills in pharmaceutical analysis. There is good liaison between regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical industry, official laboratories and academic establishments to further assist career development.

A broad knowledge of the pharmaceutical analysis presented with an emphasis placed on both the academic and a professional aspect of the subject prepares graduates for entry into research programs in the pharmaceutical analysis.

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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is located in the first floor of the academic building of the college. The department provides a multidisciplinary environment that promotes enriching interactions among faculty, staff and graduate students.

The track offers a variety of research opportunities in basic and applied sciences such as mechanisms of antibiotic action, rational drug design, protein synthesis, protein folding, cancer research, microbial genomics, molecular and cellular biology and bioprocess technology.

Graduates from the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology track are expected to be able to assume research and administrative positions in the pharmaceutical industry, faculty and research positions in academia, and research and administrative positions in government agencies. Recent graduates have gone on to industrial research positions in biotechnology companies and to academic research and teaching positions at leading universities.

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