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Bachelor of Science (Home Science)

Course Overview

Home Science is a practical subject, teaching of which cannot be done properly only in theory form. For proper education of Home Science, it is necessary to conduct various kinds of experimental works, which are practical in nature.

Our college has fully equipped Laboratories for the study of clothing and textiles, foods and nutrition, chemistry, computers. Provision of adequate, convenient and attractive facilities for the Home Science Laboratory contributes towards pupil-teachers learning environment and satisfaction of teaching.

Clothing and Textiles Lab: This course is designed to enhance the skills in using sewing machine, sewing equipments, and basic sewing techniques with special focus on construction skills in children clothes. In this course deep knowledge of Indian traditional Textile is provided.

Objectives: This course will enable students

  • To develop skills in taking body measurement.
  • To develop skills in using sewing machine, sewing equipments and machine sewing techniques.
  • To develop knowledge regarding different state Textile.
  • To develop basic skills in children clothing contraction.

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Foods and Nutrition Lab: This course builds upon the Fundamentals of Foods and Nutrition and provides further information regarding the role of macro and micro nutrients in human nutrition along with the basic information regarding Food Preparation and Serving.

Objectives: This course will enable the students to

  • Understand basic concept of Food, Nutrition. Nutrients. Health, Nutrition Status and role of Nutrition in maintaining health.
  • Gain knowledge regarding Food groups, Food guide pyramid, balanced diet and nutritive value of various food groups.
  • Gain knowledge regarding RDA, functions, sources, deficiency and excess of energy, various Macro Nutrients and Micro Nutrients.
  • Get familiar with various cooking methods, and the process of improving the quality of food and retentions of nutrients.

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Chemistry Lab: Chemistry lab is designed to support and illustrate chemical concepts as well as to introduce important laboratory techniques and encourage analytical thinking. Besides the laboratory portion, the course will present additional chemistry, both theoretical and practical. The laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments such as rotary shaker, magnetic stirrer, electric balance, etc.

Objectives: The course will enable the students

  • To recognize the importance of Chemistry, Chemical reactions & their uses.
  • To develop Knowledge in the field of pesticides, fertilizers, fuels, chemicals in Medicines & healthcare.

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Computers Lab: Our college has well designed Computer Lab with latest digital technology which makes learning effective. It also provides the opportunity to the students to expand their understanding of how to use a computer and software programs that are appropriate for their ability level.

Objectives: The course will enable the students

  • To give expose to new ways of thinking and creativity among students.
  • To allow the students to acquire basic to advance technology skills that will be vital for them in all the fields.

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